Friday, September 4, 2009

Republicans Respond: I want my kids to drop out of school!

So the latest news from the Obama-hating cult (a.k.a. republicans) is that Obama's speech to the public school children of America is going to be something like dipping their child in a vat of acid (I guess the wicked witch really does melt in the rain).

You see, I'm not really sure what the argument against Obama's speech is (which is supposed to encourage children to stay in school and care about their education), but believe you me, some parents are going so far as to keep their children home from school on September 8th so as to keep their children from hearing the President's televised speech.

So lets compare the messages that are going around here:

Obama: Stay in school, get good grades, go to college.
Parent: Stay home, drop out of school, don't respect our elected officials and do the exact opposite of whatever they tell you (but only if they are democrats)

Its no wonder school children are so confused these days! With conflicting messages from some of the most dominate people in their lives, what 10 year old wouldn't be lost.

The problem here seems to be this: The president wants to send a positive message and the parents, who are unarguably crazier than David Koresh, see everything the president does as political, and therefore an extension of his socialist/communist agenda. (right? am I right?!)

Someone actually told me yesterday that, and I quote "Obama did this to himself by letting everyone down by quadrupling the debt in only 7 months and appointing communists."

um. SAY WHAT? Okay, first of all, I want to know kind of math this genius was using? Lets just look at a few mathematical problems here:

1: according to this article the bush era (8 years) cost the United States: $11.5 trillion
2: So far (and yes the sources vary a bit) Obama has spent $1.2 trillion.

I don't really see how $1.2 trillion has quadrupled a national debt which far exceeds Bush's 8 year reign. Even if Obama spends on average $1.2 trillion per year (which I doubt he will) he will still end up spending less than Bush did. Really the only reason Obama's spending is so high right now is because 1. we continue to have to pay for that damn war that BUSH started & 2. we had to bail out the banks & auto industry ...

Now, I'm not saying everything that happened was solely Bush's fault, but lets just say that over the last 8 years Congress, Darth Cheney, and pretty much every other person in office, has acted as an enabler towards the cult agenda.

I suppose at this point you have all figured out that I am extremely liberal. I don't want anyone to think that I don't see both sides, because I do, but I just have to debunk the insanity that IS.

Until Next time:
Try not to get your panties in a bunch ;)

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