Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mixed Messages on The Afghan Front.

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When Obama was elected to office, he promised to change the focus of the War on Terror away from Iraq and back on Afghanistan. This is one promise we can definitely say he has kept. 21,000 new troops have been sent to Afghanistan over this past year... and (surprise, surprise!) the number of American casualties has increased! This has left a bad taste in the mouths of man Americans.

Now, I don't know what these people expect from war, but I would definitely say that an increased number of troops will equal an increased number of casualties. That is only common sense. (Hey, guys! Lets send like 21,000 more fire fighters in to that California Wildfire. But here's an idea, lets save money by not giving them enough equipment. The increased number of people will make up for the lack of equipment.)

um. say what? Lets back up here for a second and see what the experts are saying on this subject:
"As a result [of the negative reaction to the war], lawmakers say they want the U.S. to more quickly train and equip the Afghan Army and police so that the embattled country can take over its own security needs."

Did I understand this correctly? You mean for the past 7 years we were totally okay with American soldiers dying for our, um, ahem "freedom". But NOW, now that the majority of Americans have changed their minds, so have law makers? Maybe someone should be fired for this? (Pelosi I'm looking at you!) With the money we've spent on this war, we (probably) could have trained and armed the Afghan army/police at least 100 times over. Of course, when Bush was in office, this never would have been an acceptable answer!

"Any additional funding approved by Congress likely will be spent to train Afghan army, police and other security forces to take over the fight against the Taliban, and on equipment to protect U.S. troops from attacks and homemade bombs known as IEDs."

um, okay, but then the troops already in Afghanistan say they need MORE troops to get the job done. I'm so confused at this point! AND Obama's staff was prepared to send MORE troops over ... until someone reminded them that everyone was sick of this shit.

So lets review this whole thing:
1. The American people are sick of the war.
2. Congress' reaction to the people's waning interest in the war is to shift the $$ to the Afghan army/police.
3. The U.S. Troops say they need MORE U.S. troops to support the effors.
conclusion: One huge fucking mess!

p.s. We should have learned our lesson with Vietnam. Or at least taken a lesson from the Russians. Or what about the Gulf War? JESUS CHRIST, DO WE NEVER LEARN? (most obviously the answer is NO.)

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