Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I can't believe its health care -AGAIN!

Tonight, Obama addressed a joint session of congress to encourage them to pass legislation that would force insurance companies to provide affordable coverage for all and (similar to Butkiss' plan) would force all to buy health insurance. Now, I gagged a little when he mentioned that everyone would be forced to buy insurance, since he specifically opposed insurance by force, but I didn't hear a word about fines for those who refused to buy insurance (of course, it was implied now wasn't it!)

For those of you who are just joining us this evening, whether you listened to Obama's speech or not, we're going to have a little recap session:

1. the proposed $900 billion dollar plan would not add a dime to the deficit, and Obama would veto any bill that did add to the deficit.
2. the $900 billion would essentially come in the form of fines from insurance companies & the wealthy.
3. Speaking of the wealthy. Obama pointed out that his plan would cost less than both the War on Terror AND the tax cuts for the Wealthy, which were a large part of the deficit when Obama took office this past winter.
4. Obama is sticking by the public option, sort of. Nothing like a little healthy competition ... no pun intended (ok, the pun was totally intended, but I really couldn't help myself.)
5. We are NOT going to a. kill old people. b. insure illegal immigrants. c. force everyone to give up their current health care plans in favor of a government run plan. and d. dip into the medicare fund in order to pay for the cost of the new plan.
6. We will re-evaluate malpractice laws and attempt to find a better solution for both patients and doctors alike.
7. Obama places a guilt trip on Congress by reminding them how they get such a damn good deal on their health insurance.
8. Obama places a guilt trip on Congress and talks about Teddy Kennedy
9. Obama places a guilt trip on Congress and reminds everyone that innocent people die every day because we're too busy worrying about profits to bother being caring and humane
10. Obama pisses off a bunch of cultservatives who frantically wave some papers in the air and make disgusted faces every time the camera falls on themm

Okay, get the picture? Obama basically lectured Congress to death ... it was phenomenal.

I have to say, and you know this is how I feel, but I agreed with every last word that left the president's mouth. Aside from forcing everyone to buy health care (yes, its irresponsible to leave others to pay for your medical bills IF you can afford insurance, but what about those who can't afford even the cheapest plan? I'm talking hobo on the corner of Detroit broke. Someone needs to draw a line ... preferably not in the sand...)

I welcome everyone's comments and concerns, especially those of you who stand across the isle from me. I don't understand the opposition. Isn't it the right thing to make sure that everyone in this nation is taken care of? I mean, Jesus would agree with me. He was all about looking out for others.

Anyway, I just want to take a second to talk about the lackluster response from the republicans. Its cute that they picked a heart surgeon to give the response ... but it definitely sounded rehearsed and far from genuine. Besides, did anyone notice that the response actually completely missed the mark on Obama's speech? its as if whoever wrote it, paid no attention to what was actually being said. "He is going to raise the deficit!" ... wait, didn't he just lay out a plan as to how he would NOT raise the deficit and how in the end, we would actually lower the deficit by $4 trillion?? 

All in all, I thought the speech was a huge success. I was even cheering every time he made a great point. Of course, this is what you expected. I guess all that is left to do is see what the mass media has to say tomorrow and what congress will do in these next couple of weeks.

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