Saturday, September 12, 2009

Remember, remember the 11th of September.

Well, the topic for today should be painfully obvious: September 11th.
Today marks the 8th anniversary of the horrible, horrible terrorist attacks on this fair (maybe that's the wrong word) ... wonderful (wait, not patriotic enough!) ... Beautifully flawless nation. So lets take a second to remember the past 8 years.

1. 9/11/01: When the news of the attacks were given to the president, Bush acted quickly and with a certain coolness and confidence that you would expect to see from a president ... +1 experience point for Bush.

2. Bush quickly sends us into combat to kill the terrorists responsible for the horrific slaughter of innocent Americans. + 1 experience point for Bush.

3. 2 years later, Bush decides the war on terror needs to be extended to Iraq. Apparently he never got the memo that Saddam wasn't harboring terrorists himself, and despite the fact that he actually opposed Al Qaeda & did everything he could to keep the organization out of his country, was somehow responsible for the events of September 11th. - 1 experience point for Bush.

Alright, at this point we're in 2003 and Bush is nearing the end of his first term ... he's up +1 experience point. We're doing alright. I don't see why anyone would dislike him ... but moving on.

4. Bush announces "mission accomplished" ... but not before squashing the right to privacy and, if you think about it the right way, the right to freedom of speech (hey, who knows how many terrorist lists I'm on for saying I disapprove of Bush's plan of action!) -1 experience point for Bush.

okay, we're breaking even here! Its not so bad right?

5. Gas prices sky rocket, congressional spending gets grossly out of control, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer while the middle class dissolves, the war on terror, though declared a "mission accomplished", has yet to end (although yes, we all know at this point that Bush was only speaking about one specific troop's mission ...), Approval ratings drop below 30% and Bush makes himself a lame duck early in his second term. -1 for bush -10 for republican'ts everywhere.

Okay, so, we don't have time to actually look at every last little detail, but it is definitely safe to say that Bush is now in the negative and after this point, there is no turning back.

So. Yes, lets all remember September 11th, the day our Nation failed to protect its citizens. Lets turn it into a holiday ... just like pearl harbor day right? (oh wait, that's not a holiday is it?) er, okay, lets try again. How about Oklahoma City Bombing day? ... hmm, that's not right either. How about presidential assassination day?

okay, you get the point. Some things are best remembered without cookouts, fireworks and parades. Lets just focus on what is really important here: being thankful for the first responders, honoring their service to this country, and remembering those who lost their lives in the tragic events on that fateful day. It shouldn't be a celebration, where kids get the day off school and everyone runs out to the mall to spend their day off.

I know, you think I'm anti-american. I'm on "their" side. But honestly, I'm not! I'm on America's side, just not the side of the republicultists who still insist that Bush was a great president and that he never did anything wrong. September 11th 2001 is a day that we will never forget, it was a horrible tragedy, but we shouldn't glorify what should be a somber memory by making it a holiday.

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