Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama to draw lines in the sand over health care reform

I kid you not! Robert Gibbs is quoted as saying that although Obama will likely not threaten to veto a bill missing the public option, "I'm sure he will draw some lines in the sand." Gibbs does know that it only takes a few big waves to wash those lines away right? Talk about a bad analogy.

So, it seems as if the health care debate has invaded the media. Of course, we are all sitting around waiting for Obama to address a joint session of congress on Wednesday, September 15th, so we can see what will really happen. Of course, the cult is Now, I can't help but laugh when people say they are anti-socialist or are against the public option for health care because it will "cost too much"

Attention America: You are NOT anti-socialist. You simply don't think your tax $$ should be spent on keeping other people healthy. I don't know if you've noticed this or not, but what do you think Medicare & Medicaid are? Has anyone ever considered that if we spend just a little bit more on PREVENTATIVE medicine we might actually SAVE money over time? I mean, if we prevented people from getting sick in the first place, did all the tests & caught deseases in their early stages, people would 1. have a longer life span (even Cuba has a longer life span than we Americans do. They put a huge focus on preventative medicine!) 2. We wouldn't have to spend nearly as much on treating conditions if we were able to prevent them or catch them early enough.

Whoever thinks that the $1 trillion (to be spent over the span of 10 years) isn't worth it, is missing more than a few marbles. Hell, even if you are satisfied with your private insurance plan (and why would you be? They try and rob you every way they can! Talk about the real death panels here!) then you can be sure that a public option would provide much needed competition for the already monopolized health industry thus driving down the price on private insurance (hey, they want to stay in business too! How else do you compete with virtually FREE health care?).

and hey, speaking of monopolies, lets not forget the conditions for which COMMUNISM forms. Rule #1 is that every industry has a monopoly -- hmm, health monopoly, drug monopoly, technology monopoly (almost), we better be careful here. I would think that anyone who wanted to avoid communism would actually be FOR the public option ... =) of course, I'm sure you already thought of that, didn't you? You closet commie you!

ANYWAY, I would just like to take a second here to announce something rather exciting:
MICHAEL MOORE has a new movie coming out on October 2nd titled Capitalism: A Love Story. I'll hold my breath for a second here so I can hear all of the republicults gagging/muttering about how he is too liberal & doesn't know what he's talking about etc etc.


ok. Moving on. I can't wait to see what Moore's comments on Capitalism are (though I'm sure it'll send anyone with a conservative, capitalism loving bone in their body running from the theater screaming). You can be sure that once I see this movie, there will be a review written in here somewhere!

Until Next time,
Try not to get your panties in a bunch

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