Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Give me health care or charge me fines" ?

somehow I doubt this is what everyone had in mind when they were thinking of "health care reform" (a.k.a. Obama-care). Apparently the only way to get a bipartisan health care bill through congress is to threaten to fine all citizens who refuse to buy health care (+10 points for the corporate lobbyists!)

Someone care to guess who proposed the ridiculous plan that would:
1. force EVERYONE to buy health care or face a hefty fine (up to $3,800!)
2. cost $900 billion (just short of the $1 trillion plan we talked about yesterday)
3. raise the premium for smokers and old fogies (60 yrs  +)

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Vanna I'd like to buy a vowel - U?
Vanna, I'd like to solve the puzzle

That's right folks, the Montana Democrat, a.k.a. Buttkiss, is trying to come up with a bipartisan bill that will force Americans into buying insurance or pay a fine for, gasp, being too broke to afford health care in the first place. AND, on top of that, I do quote, "60-year-olds could be charged five times as much for a policy as 20-year-olds."

UM, EXCUSE ME? Talk about euthanasia of old people. What person 60+ in THIS economy can actually afford to spend 5 times as much on health care as a 20 year old? Here is the plan: Hey guys, great idea, lets charge everyone who is over retirement age a huge premium -- they're still working and at this rate, we can keep them working FOREVER *evil cackle*

I understand keeping smokers premium higher, smoking is a choice. Apparently getting old is a choice too? Hey guys, if you don't want to spend five times as much for health care, you could just off yourself at a young age and avoid the costs totally. I mean, smokers can quit smoking, but what the hell? I know that old folks typically need more medical treatment, but you'd think if they had been paying for insurance since they were in their 20's, they should be at the reward stage ... where they've invested so much money in insurance that it finally starts to pay off for them (hell, if I payed $4,000 a year for 50 years, I'd be expecting you to take damn good care of me by the time I reached 60 +) 

By the way, just to put things into perspective here, it is estimated that Americans spend "$2.5 trillion a year on health care"

I guess the government just can't afford that extra trillion spread over 10 years to help those of us who can't afford it ourselves. Fuck the public option, we can make 20 times as much as we would spend if we keep forcing people to buy their own insurance. Hey, and if they can't afford it, we will charge them a fine. (They want to compare health insurance to auto insurance. The only difference is this: People have the option as to whether or not they want to drive. Again, what do they want us to do? commit suicide to avoid paying for something we couldn't afford in the first place?! Jesus Christ guys, talk about death panels! This is the worst idea to come through congress yet!)

I guess the only positive aspect of Butkiss' plan is that it would force fines and penalties on insurance companies that didn't conform to the new health care system. Of course, will anyone ever enforce them?

Fortunately the Obaminator doesn't support this proposal ... or so he said as of press time. We still have to wait and see how his speech to congress goes over tomorrow. I'm hoping for the best. But with the heavy cult opposition, getting a decent piece of legislation through is going to be a challenge.

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